Working in Batraja

On Thursday, 11/9, our team headed back to Batraja to begin work in the village. Batraja is the largest of the three villages we will be working in on this trip. Today we were met by one of the directors of the government run electric utility, who was very grateful for the work we will be doing for the people they have been unable to reach. Upon our arrival into Batraja, many of the local families came out to greet us at our staging point and were very happy to see us.

A group of locals from the village of Batraja

Later on in the morning, a small group went to the school yard to see some of the children playing outside during their break. Mid-South’s Eric Hubbard even got in on a game of basketball with the kids. All of the children wanted to have their photo taken and had a blast having a visitor playing with them.

Primary School children picking teams for a game of basketball

Despite quite the heavy afternoon storm, our crews were able to hang up a majority of the service wire throughout the town, which they were very happy about. Many of the locals offered a helping hand and were very eager to see all of the great work we were doing.

Crews up on poles hanging secondary wire throughout the town

Electrify Bolivia 11/9/17