Meter Loops in Batraja

After a long first week of travel and hard work, the team took Sunday, 11/12, off to relax. One of our translators, Angie, surprised the group with a fishing trip up the local river, courtesy of the Bolivian River Navy. On the way back, the motor suddenly gave out, and the group had to paddle most of the way back before being rescued by some fellow fishermen passing by. Luckily, everyone was in good spirits about the trip as it will be a fun story to tell down the road.

On Monday, 11/13, the team was back to work in the village of Batraja. Now that all of the electrical wire is built throughout the village, they began working on building meter loops for individual homes.

Eric stopped by the school in the afternoon to spend some time with the students and to observe some of the classes and activities that were going on.

As of the end of the day, the Texas-Bolivia team has build over 5 miles of line in the three villages and installed 40 meter loops in the village of Batraja. What a great way to start our second week, and we can’t wait to see the project through to the end when we finally turn the lights on for the first time!

Electrify Bolivia 11/12 – 11/13