Finishing Touches in Batraja

On Tuesday, 11/14, the team was back in Batraja to finish building meter loops. We were met with a scorcher – barely any cloud cover, and our afternoon showers have gone elsewhere, leaving us with extremely hot and humid conditions. By early afternoon, every single meter loop was completed in the village, which will eventually bring power to over 50 homes when we energize their community later this week. One of our crews even found some little helpers along the way who stopped by to see what we were up to.

CoServ’s Chris DeRemer drilling a hole with a local helper

Once the meter loops were completed, the team loaded up and headed to the first village we visited, Jerico. The people of Jerico were once again so excited to see us arrive, and came out to greet us. We quickly began distributing materials and got right to work building meter loops for these homes. A town meeting was called by representatives from the local utility company to begin passing out the actual meters to the residents for their homes.

Crew about to start work on a meter loop

We have made some amazing progress so far in our time here in Bolivia, and have had quite an experience. With 2 and half days to go, we can’t wait to finish the job and celebrate Friday evening with everyone when we energize their villages for the very first time!

PEC’s Andy Ridge letting some local children take a look at some of the tools used for the job

Electrify Bolivia 11/14/2017