Second Day in Batraja

On Friday, 11/10, our crew was back at work again in the village of Batraja. There was heavy rain early on, but thankfully, it let up right as we arrived and began preparing for the day. The team was able to finish hanging all of the secondary electric wire throughout the town before calling it a day.

The CoServ crew, Bret, Chris, and Ben, hanging secondary wire for the village

After lunch, a group went to pick up a spool of wire that was dropped off in a nearby village, San Antonio de Maty. It took quite a bit of man power to load a full spool of wire and a spinner into the bed of a pickup truck, but they managed to load it in no time.

Loading up a spool of wire into the pickup bed

On our way back from San Antonio de Maty, our bus hit a deep, muddy, wet spot on the road and slid off into a side ditch where it got stuck. After trying to push it out, we finally had a local truck driver pass by who was gracious enough to let us hook up the bus and pull it out from the ditch. Thankfully, it was just a little mud slide and everyone was okay!

Laughing about getting stuck and drawing on the side of the bus